An Automotive Career Institute (ACI) was also developed between Southeast ROP and Cerritos College in which high school juniors and seniors take introductory automotive courses at Cerritos College while completing their graduation requirements.  Cerritos College has an expansive automotive program including automotive service, auto body, and advanced transportation technologies, including alternative fuels.  In the past year the department has been successful in implementing a Career Pathway model for B.A. attainment in Automotive Management linked to Northwood University.  This pathway has been developed for technical students who also wish to expand their career expertise to business and marketing. There is currently an Associate in Arts degree in Automotive Service and certifications in other areas of specialization.  The existing partnership between Cerritos College, SEROP and the Southland Motor Car Dealers Association has been instrumental in building a solid pipeline to the K-12 system.  It is this career pathway that has enabled the College to receive Quick Start Partnership funding, which provides continued support to the Automotive Career Institute (ACI) and the opportunity to conduct career outreach to middle school students.

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